How a Transmission Flush Works and its Benefits

Just like a normal oil change, a transmission flush is necessary for draining old transmission fluid from your vehicle and replacing it with new fluid. You need to replace your ATF after every 30,000 to 40,000 miles to improve your vehicle’s performance and extend its life. It’s important to know that the transmission system regulates the gears within your engine, hence the need to keep the system in good shape.

How is a transmission flush done?

Carrying out a transmission flush should be an easy task, but it’s important to get the best commercial oil products. It’s also recommended that you take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic to avoid missing some crucial steps. There are two methods of doing a transmission flush:

• Using a transmission flush machine: This involves using a special flushing machine with hoses connected to the cooling lines in the transmission. The machine drains the old fluid and replaces it with new solution. This method is effective because there are no traces of the old fluid left within the transmission system. However, you need to get the right transmission fluid from a reliable commercial oil distributor to use on your vehicle.
• Pan-drop transmission flush: This is probably the most common type of transmission flush, which involves removing the transmission pan and draining the old fluid. You have to manually clean the pan before attaching it and pouring the new fluid in. Always talk to an automotive oil distributor to get the best fluid for your vehicle.

Benefits of a transmission flush

A transmission flush is necessary whenever you want your car to perform better and to protect your transmission system from wearing out. Some of the benefits include:

• The procedure helps to eliminate any sludge that accumulates in the transmission system
• The new fluid extends a car’s life and improves performance
• Prevents wear of the clutch, bearings, and gears
• Enhances seamless shifting of gears by providing the right frictional properties

Can a transmission flush solve a failing transmission?

No. A transmission flush is meant to protect your transmission system from wear and improve its performance, but it is not a solution for a damaged system. The procedure is meant to maintain a functioning transmission and prevent damages.

As any automotive oil wholesaler would advise, the trick to maintaining your vehicle’s performance and transmission system is using the best quality ATF. Get in touch with reliable auto experts such as Crus Oil Inc ( to access professional assistance.

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